Quality Websites & Hosting

Customer Designs hosted on Nvme SSD’s for Speeds and Stability.

PC Repair & ICT Support

With a Workshop and Online Support infrastructure, we are ready to help

Internet & Printing Services

The Most Advanced Internet Centre in Uganda and Fast Printing Services.

Websites & App Hosting

We Register Domains, Design Custom Quality Websites, HostWith High Performance Servers, Intergrate Applications to Help Boost your Sales, and Support and Maintain your Website or Application.

IT Support & PC Repair

We offer Remote Support, Onsite Repairs, Maintaincence and Monitoring to ensure your online and performing at Max capability at all time. We also Introduce new ideas to improve your Workflow. 

Internet & Printing

We offer Local Services with our Internet Centre. With our 30 PC’s and 3 Enterprise Printers. Visit Our Office for Printing, Fast Internet/Wi-Fi, Virtual Desktop,  or Entertainment (Games, Digital Library, etc).